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No doubt, our team consists of the most ambitious, bold and purpose driven individuals. We believe in understanding the greater purpose we have  and the obligation we have to fulfil our duties in the best way possible. We harness individual strengths into collaborative effort to build a brand for the future.

Sales and Marketing Associate

Definition of the Role.

The Sales and Marketing Associate we are looking for is a dynamic, creative and goal oriented individual with a great work ethic and a vibrant personality. The core function of the role is to  do direct sales and marketing to both existing clients and find new clients with the primary goal of driving sales. The associate will also analyze marketing strategies and develop new marketing programs aimed at increasing sales and company growth. Further, they will play a role in shaping the upcoming sales and marketing strategies for all our new and existing products and help ensure that customers get to know and love our brand. And boost sales.

Job Responsibilities

  • Direct sales and pitching to clients externally
  • Going out in the field to pitch to clients and generate new leads and new sources of income.
  • Ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met.
  • Represent the company and promote our products by organizing for industry related events conferences and trade shows
  • Monitor the company’s website daily to learn trends of traffic and product searches
  • Develop a sales and marketing strategy
  • Manage daily sales and marketing functions
  • Identify media outlets for press releases and promotions.
  • Measure success of various marketing campaigns.
  • Drive profitable sales, brand growth and loyalty for a number of business areas.
  • Coordinate and present proposals plus agreements to clients with the intent to enroll new clients.
  • Conduct market research and identify new opportunities.
  • Gather and analyze consumer behaviour data (e.g. web traffic and rankings)
  • Maintain and update accurate records of sales and marketing metrics and results of past campaigns
  • Prepare and deliver regular sales forecasting reports
  • Monitor and report competitors’ marketing and sales activities
  • Work with the marketing team to analyze current marketing strategies and develop new and improved marketing practices
  • Take part in the creation of new marketing programs and develop materials to support those programs
  • Use Google Analytics to examine how our online marketing practices are working and make suggestions for changes based on findings
  • Use customer data to determine changing customer demographics and suggest ideas for expanding our key demographic base
  • Record all customer and prospective interactions and maintain contact database of SalesForce.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  1. Exceptional communication and presentation skills
  2. Vibrant personality with an initiative to learn new skills and contribute to the growth of our organization
  3. Degree or Diploma in marketing or relevant field
  4. Successful work experience as a marketing associate, marketing assistant, or similar position.
  5. Strong working knowledge of marketing and sales industry, including digital tools and techniques. Evidence of previous successful initiatives will be an added advantage
  6. Significant experience with SEO/SEM campaigns
  7. Excellent computer skills, including Microsoft Office suite, web analytics, and Google AdWords
  8. Ability to efficiently sell and market products on the telephone and through emails


Social Media Manager

Definition of the Role.

Social Media is rapidly becoming one of the main agents of business growth and development in this century. The crucial role that social media plays in our organizations today has inspired and instigated new ways of thinking, innovative designs and a more interactive approach to client relations and the social life of a brand. With this in mind, we are looking to work with a dynamic individual with core understanding of social media trends, technologies and the ability to develop strategies that work for organizational growth.



  1. Perform research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences and develop sound content strategies for internal and external assets. This will also include the ability to map out a comprehensive social media plan and drive strategies that are proven by testing and metrics.
  2. Design and implement social media strategy to align with business goals
  3. Generate, edit, publish and share engaging content daily (e.g. original text, photos, videos and news)
  4. Contribute to the development of the product and collaborate with other teams, like marketing, sales and customer service to ensure brand consistency.
  5. Communicate with followers, respond to queries in a timely manner and monitor customer reviews
  6. Oversee social media accounts’ design and develop a monthly content strategy
  7. Ability to set clear goals for ROI  with clear metrics of evaluation
  8. Development of a work plan to enhance’s brand awareness and online reputation
  9. Creation and generation of leads
  10. Suggest and implement new features to develop brand awareness, like promotions and competitions
  11. Stay up-to-date with current technologies and trends in social media, design tools and applications
  12. Analyze key metrics and tweak strategy as needed.
  13. Online reputation management on social media platforms
  14. Working knowledge of SEO and Google Analytics and ability to create online advertisements


  • Proven work experience as a Social Media Manager and must demonstrate creativity and documented immersion in social media. (Give links to profiles as examples).
  • Hands on experience in content management
  • Excellent copywriting skills
  • Ability to deliver creative content (text, image and video)
  • Solid knowledge of SEO, keyword research and Google Analytics
  • Knowledge of online marketing channels
  • Familiarity with web design
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Analytical and multitasking skills
  • Degree or Diploma in Marketing or relevant field
  • Efficient communication skills and body language
  • Demonstrate winning social customer service techniques such as empathy, patience, advocacy and conflict resolution.
  • Possesses great ability to identify potential negative or crisis situation and apply conflict resolution principles to mitigate issues.

Internship: IT Support and Customer Service

Social Media Intern