Increase In .KE Renewal Price to 1550/= KES PER YEAR

  • Wednesday, 3rd May, 2017
  • 16:00pm

Dear Client,
This is an announcement to notify you of an increase in the renewal price of the .ke domain name from 1000/= KES PER YEAR to 1550/= KES PER YEAR

This affects .Ke domain names only.

The price increase is due to the change of pricing policy communicated by Kenic:

We are deeply humbled by your support and we ask for your kind consideration to this email.
We are always pleased to serve you and this email comes with a committment to ensure the highest standards possible in service delivery and 24/7 Support to give you great value and make your experience with us truly worthwhile.
We do understand that a change in pricing affects your business and we promise to walk with you and asist in any way we can when you need us.

On a happier note, we have rolled out a system enhancement that will automatically assign SSL certificates to every domain name hosted with
This way, you will get to enjoy enhanced online presence backed by the ssl encryption extension https://www.
In case your domain name is hosted with us and is not loading this, just update this email and we will enable the security feature.

Thank you for always giving us a reason to exist!

If you will need more help just update this email or call our 24/7 Support Centre Number 0712 500 500 or Tweet us @deepAfricaWorld, or like or simply chat on Skype:

With Love,
George, N.
Managing Director -
Where Africa meets the World!

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