Using The Thumbnailer

  1. Click on the Thumbnailer link in the Image Tools section of Image Manager.
  2. A list of your web hosting account's home directory will be shown. You can navigate your way to the directory you want to "thumbnail" by clicking on the folder icon next to the directory name associated with the path to the directory you want to view.
  3. When you find the directory you want to thumbnail, click on the directory's name, not the folder icon.
  4. When the page loads, you will see two "Scale Percent" text boxes. Both text boxes default to 25%. You can modify the percentage to your personal preferences.
  5. The next option is the "Keep Aspect Ratio" checkbox. This option is checked by default. If you leave it checked, cPanel will maintain the correct proportional sizing of the images in the directory you are thumbnailing. If you uncheck this option, it will use both values in the "Scale Percent" text boxes described in Step 4 above.

NOTE: If the "Keep Aspect Ratio" checkbox is checked, the second "Scale Percent" text box will automatically change according to the value in the first "Scale Percent" text box once you tab over.

  1. Next you will have two buttons available: "Thumbnail Images" and "Reset Dimensions"
    • If you are ready to view the thumbnail images in the director you have chosen, click on the Thumbnail Images button.
    • If you are want to reset the default dimensions (what you previously set), click on the Reset Dimensions button.
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