Configuring Leech Protect

  1. When the page loads, a list of your web hosting account's public_html directory will be shown. You can navigate your way to the directory you want to "Leech Protect" by clicking on the folder icon next to the directory name associated with the path to the directory you want to view.
  2. When you find the directory you want to "Leech Protect", click on the directory's name, not the folder icon.
  3. Enter a numerical value in the "Number of Logins Per Username Allowed in a 2 Hour Period" text box.

NOTE: Four is recommened as setting the number lower then 4 can cause suspension of legitimate users who have disconnected then reconnected to their ISP. If users are reconnecting from the same network subnet, their account will not be disabled.

  1. Enter a URL in the "Url to Redirect Leech Users to" text box.

NOTE: You must choose a url outside of the leech protected area or the leech users will get a internal server error message.

  1. If you want an email sent to you when someone tries to access a leech protected area, click on the checkbox next to "Send Email Alert To." Then enter the email address you want the alert email to be sent to in the "Send Email Alert To" text box.

NOTE: You will receive an email at this address when leech protection is used to redirect users away from the site. **If you choose not to disable an account you may receive a lot of emails as you will get one per each attempt to access your site.**

  1. If you want to disable accounts that have tried to access leech protected areas of your web site, click on the checkbox next to "Disable Compromised Accounts".

NOTE: Users who trigger leech protection will have their account suspended by disabling their password. To reactivate their account reset their password.

  1. Next, enable "Leech Protection" by following the instructions in the "Enabling Leech Protect" section below.
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