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NOTE: Before you attempt to install the B2Evolution, make sure you read the License Terms shown on the page.

  1. Set the following information:
    • Admin User - Enter the username you want to use for the administrator's username.
    • Admin Pass - Enter the password you want to use for the administrator's password.
    • Email - Enter the email address you want to use for the administrator's contact information.
    • Installation URL - Select the domain you want to install the B2Evolution on from the drop down menu. By default, the directory it will be installed in is pre-populated. You can change the directory to meet your specific needs.
    • Table Prefix - The table prefix is used when the software creates a MySQL database. You can leave it as default or modify the table prefix according to your specific needs.
    • MySQL DB - You can create a new database specifically for this installation or choose another database for this installation. Select which one you want to do from the drop down menu.
  2. Click on the Install button.
  3. You should see the following statement:
    • "Done! You can access your new addon at URL_LOCATION"
NOTE: After you have successfully installed your script, the system will tell you how many you have installed on the main page of your cPaddons scripts listing page

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