Kenya National Secretaries Association

Website Design

The Challenge

Kenasa needed a new look to launch their online presence into the 21st Century to reflect the growth that the organization has been experiencing in the last couple of years. They also needed a portal that would allow their members to register from any place in the country and also register for events.

The Solution

We chose to use the WordPress framework for the website. However, to allow for the website to stand out from the rest of the websites in this category, we chose to design the look and feel from scratch to give it a distinct look. We also implemented an interactive form that captures new member registrations and sends the details to the KENASA secretariait instantly.

Complete Website Redesign

We Rethought Everything


Wordpress Design


Website Redesign

Pages Designed

Amazing Result

Improved Design, Upgraded Functionality

Mobile Refresh

Mobile respinsiveness was added to the design tthus allowing the website to load flawlessly on mobile devices of all kinds. Since 80% if Website traffic comes from mobile phones this was critical

Improved Functionality

We added increased functionality that allows for the website to have greater value than just aesthetic. This  functionality came in the way of registration foms that were dynamic and functional.

Balanced Look and Feel

The look and feel of the website was greately enhanced though a balanced  and well thought out design. The website therefore is more interactive and welcoming and easier to use and navigate.
  • Mobile Responsiveness 90% 90%
  • Improved Aesthetics 70% 70%
  • Clear Navigation 75% 75%
  • Lead Information Capture 60% 60%

The Results Were Amazing

After the website was created, We were able to completely update the look and feel of the website while increasing its functionality through creating clear call to actions buttons, modal forms for lead capture and a crisp navigation that ensures that the user never feels lost or confused over what they should be doing.

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