SweetArt Chocolate Creations

Website Design

The Challenge

SweetArt Chocolate needed a website that looked as classy and elegant as their chocolate. The website needed to present the company’s products in an elegant and easy to read format that oozed of class. Over and above this, it needed to create a feeling of trust and sophistication in the client encouraging the clients to contact SweetArt.

The Solution

We implemented the solution by first investigating the experiences of different websites in the same industry and creating a design framework that would allow us to create a clear path for the development phase. We designed each page with the end user in mind and customized the experience to be unique and refreshing.

Complete Website Redesign

We Rethought Everything


HTML Coding


Website Redesign

Pages Designed

Amazing Result

Features Built Into the Website

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsiveness for the SweetArt Brand was necessary since many of the people who would have a look at the website would be doing so from a mobile device. We, therefore, built the website as a Mobile first Website.

Careful Construction

The website needed to display the images and text from SweetArt in a systematic and compelling manner. This Was achieved through creative copywriting for the website text and masterful curation of website images to make a delectable experience that would last with the audience long after they had left the website.

Aesthetic Upgrade

The process of designing the SweetArt website involved the rethinking the aesthetic elements that are required in depicting food items in an attractive and larger than life manner that arouses the interest and desire of the website user. We achieved this through the delicate mix of photos and text to create a delectable appealing presentation.
  • Mobile Responsiveness 90% 90%
  • Improved Aesthetics 70% 70%
  • Clear Navigation 75% 75%
  • Lead Information Capture 60% 60%

The Results Were Amazing

After the website was created, We were able to completely update the look and feel of the website while increasing its functionality through creating clear call to actions buttons, modal forms for lead capture and a crisp navigation that ensured that the user never feels lost or confused over what they should be doing.

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